ML Princess high pressure direct air humidifier

The ML Princess is a ceiling mounted humidifier delivering between 12-54l/h per distribution unit. It is ideal for use in production areas and doesn't require a compressed air supply.

An integrated fan draws air from below and distributes the moisture particles for rapid evaporation in the atmosphere and uniform humidification in a room.

The system has very low energy consumption with a single distribution unit providing up to 54kg/h while operating on just 120W.

It has a very quiet operation at just 59dBa. Precision engineered nozzles, water lines and valves combine with the fan unit to ensure drip-free performance.

The ML Princess is ideal for maintaining a humidity in industrial manufacturing environments.

The humidifier operates on demineralised water to ensure minerals aren't introduced to an atmosphere.


Features and benefits

  • Low energy direct air humidifier
  • Very quiet operation as no compressed air required
  • Ideal for humidification of industrial manufacturing areas
  • Low cost operation
  • Operates on a demineralised water so does not introduce dust to the air

Ideal for large industrial areas

The ML Princess spray humidifier is ideal for use in large industrial areas with high ceilings.

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