JetSpray Compact low capacity air & water spray humidifier

The JetSpray Compact is an easy-to install, direct room humidifier for areas that need up to 30kg/h. As it is preassembled, it does not require installation of additional nozzles or associated pipework.

Operation with compressed air gives very reliable performance, in dusty industrial environments, without any risk of drips. This makes the JetSpray Compact ideal for use in sectors such as textile, tea, food, tobacco and printing.

As well as reliable operation, advanced hygiene features ensure the humidifier provides safe humidification. Water treatment and flush and drain cycles minimise the risk of microbial growth in the system.

The JetSpray Compact can operate on mains water as well as softened or RO water. This means it provides very efficient water consumption, when compared to humidifiers that need RO water.

Features and benefits

  • Fully assembled unit makes installation easy
  • Provides up to 30kg/h of humidification, which is ideal for small industrial areas
  • The use of compressed air prevents drips
  • Can be operated on mains, softened or RO water
  • Nozzles can be directionally adjusted horizontally and vertically

User-friendly design

An IP54 rated cabinet, with fully removeable door, allows unhindered access for servicing and maintenance. All electricals are stored in a separate compartment above the water and air pipes.

Akubra Hats

Ron Palin

General Manager Operations

“The Condair JetSpray is maintaining the ideal humidity of 70%RH in Akubra’s forming room. This significantly reduces imperfections in the felt, helping to deliver the highest efficiency and quality throughout the hat making process.

It is critical to maintain the relative humidity at 70% in the forming room to prevent any imperfections in the felt during this process, faults which will only show up later in the finishing process stages.”

Aston Martin

Alan Darrock

“We need a reliable, effective humidification system to ensure that we can achieve the utmost finish to our cars. Since the new equipment was installed we have seen improvement in the quality of the paint finish, and our workforce now keep the doors closed. We have been more than pleased with the service and skill that Condair offers and will be using them in other production areas.”

ICS Cool Energy

Malcolm Edwards

Group Technical Manager

“The JetSpray has been in operation now for a number of months keeping the humidity well over the required 90%RH and maintaining a very low 0.67% weight loss. The energy and water savings are a bonus and economies will also be achieved through its easy maintenance programme. All in all, our client could not be happier, and neither could we.”


Mukesh Saxena

Chief General Manager of Fabric Operations

“The JetSpray is maintaining the ideal humidity of 60%RH in Auro Weaving’s warping section. This significantly reduces the generation of fly and yarn breakages, helping us to deliver the highest efficiency and quality in the department. Since we installed the JetSpray humidification system, the ambience of the area is very comfortable and clean. We would highly recommend the JetSpray for humidification in warping and yarn storage, where reliable and accurate humidity control is essential.”

VMT Spinning Company

Gurpreet Singh

Unit Head

“The JetSpray has proved highly suitable for our requirements. It consistently maintains the required relative humidity in the area and has very hygienic operation.

It is a sealed system with no circulation of water, so there is no scope for growth of micro-organisms. It is also user friendly and practically maintenance-free.”

John Watson & Co

Chris Fyfe

Quality Assurance Manager

“When paper loses moisture, ink will not adhere properly, which could cause a problem for our printing company whose reputation for quality is high. Not only has the JetSpray been proven in our industry, it is also uncomplicated, energy efficient and extremely hygienic in operation.

Due to the conditions in our print room, the humidifier has been running 99% of the day since installation, keeping RH at a perfect 50%.”


Steve Freeman

Jet Press Solutions Manager

“Humidity control is important for paper handling consistency when running lighter weight stock on the Jet Press 720S in both the feeder and jetting area. We aim to maintain an RH of between 40% and 60%. Below this could potentially cause an increase in paper handling issues on light weight paper.

Once the humidifier was up and running correctly, it has performed well. It now easily and quickly gets the room up to the required RH and maintains this after start-up.”

Parmeshwari Tea Company

Ajay Dhandharia

Managing Partner

“After installing the JetSpray system we observed that any level of humidity required is constantly achievable without condensation or water getting deposited on the floor or over the machine. With improved humidity conditions, teas became brighter, blacker with better bloom and improved density.”

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